Finding the Right Legal Representation for Your Family Law Issue

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Are you seeking professional legal assistance with your family law matter?

While there's absolutely nothing wrong with asking a trusted friend, family member, or work colleague for recommendations, a family lawyer that served them well might not be the right fit for you. Everyone's situation is different, and that's why you should choose a family lawyer based on your unique circumstances. 

With that said, consider the following factors when choosing a family lawyer to represent you.


While the fundamental principles that guide family law matters are the same across Australia, state-specific laws can vary. To increase your chance of getting a favourable legal outcome, you'll want to choose a family lawyer that is conversant with the legal requirements of your specific state. 

The best way to accomplish this is by browsing your state's bar association website to find lawyers that are approved to offer legal representation to clients in your area. A lawyer that is approved to practice family law in your state will do a good job at handling your case because they know what laws are relevant to your specific circumstances. 

Area of legal practice

Family law has many practice areas, including divorce and separation, child custody, child support, spousal maintenance, and many more. To increase your chances of winning your family law case, you'll need to hire a lawyer that focuses on the specific family law matter that you're faced with. If you're looking to end your marriage, seek out a dedicated divorce lawyer, for example.

Payment arrangements

Although family lawyers come in handy when you need expert assistance with a family law issue, they do charge for their time and services. When choosing your lawyer, you'll want to find out how they charge their clients. 

Typically, you may hire a lawyer based on a flat rate, an hourly fee, a contingency fee, or a negotiable fee. If you can't afford a lawyer's fees, you may be eligible to hire a lawyer on a pro-bono basis — that is, without charge.

Before hiring a family lawyer, make sure you're comfortable with the billing arrangements.

Finding the right family lawyer to handle your case is essential, especially if the stakes are high. While there are other factors to consider before making a final decision, the above guide can point you in the right direction. To discuss the details of your case, schedule an initial consultation with your preferred family lawyer.